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Does Qatar have a data privacy law?

On 29/12/2016, the law no. 13 for 2016 Regarding the Protection of Personal Date Privacy came into force. Article two of the law stipulated that it applies only to personal data that is electronically processed, obtained, gathered or extracted in preparation for electronic processing, or when a combination of electronic and traditional processing is used. The law excluded personal data processed by individuals privately or within a family context, or to any personal data gathered for official surveys and statistics from its application. In addition, the law listed the rights of the owner of personal data. One of these rights is requiring the consent of owner before using its personal information by any organization. Moreover, the law entitled the owner of personal information to withdraw his consent for using his personal data, object, its processing, delete or correct the same subject to the conditions stated under the law. Furthermore, the law incriminates violating its articles regarding the protection of the personal data privacy.

What is cybercrime?

According to the law no. 14 for 2014 regarding Combating Cybercrimes, Cybercrimes are crimes committed regarding:
1-Information systems, programs, networks and websites.
2-The content of online data or websites.
3-Electronic Falsification and Fraud.
4-Crimes committed using or against electronic, magnetic, smart, credit or any cards used for an electronic purpose.
5-Copyright infringement.

How to protect yourself from legal liability?

In order to avoid liability and criminal penalties that may reach a maximum of one year and/or a fine of QAR 250,000 subject to specific provisions under the law, you have to be very conservative sharing news that you may come across. In the cyber world and thanks to technology, everything you see online can be easily and precisely falsified to an extent that an ordinary person may think it’s true and credible. You should be aware that such information may not be true. Hence, it is wise not to share any information you come across. On the other hand, you should be cautious using your mobile camera. Capturing pictures or videos connected privet to individuals or families, such as accidents news, pictures, videos or voice recording may subject you to a penalty that may reach a maximum of three years and/or a fine of QAR 100,000.

In addition, there are several electronic measures that technicians can help with to avoid being framed for or subject to a cybercrime.